Wall Stickers (11)

There is a higher trend of using wall stickers to decorate the walls in a house. Different types of wall stickers are being sold in the markets. People use certain type of stickers for some time and change them. Therefore, it gets harder for them to remove the existing stickers for pasting new ones. There are certain ways of removing stickers from wall. Take a look at them.

  • Never try to rip them off and work slowly while removing the stickers.
  • Use the direct edge of vinyl stickers to use hair dryer over them. The heat would make stickers softer and easy to remove.
  • The use of lukewarm water can also be quite effective. Simply dip soft piece of cloth and rub it over the stickers. It is the tip for thin stickers made from paper. Through this way, you can easily remove all kind of thin stickers from the wall.
  • The nail polish remover can also be quite useful for removing the wall stickers. Sprit is the alternative of nail polish remover and it can also be used as well. Dip a piece of cotton in the nail polish remove and rub it over the stickers.
  • It is important to make stickers soft before removing them. After that, simply remove them gently. Make sure that the wall paint coat can bear the constant changing of stickers.

These tips would help you to remove stickers from the wall. You can also suggest these tips to many of your friend or relative who use them constantly. Many of the products are also available in the markets to remove stickers. But you would find them a bit costly as compared to relying on home remedies. It is suggested not to change wall stickers after a minimum span to protect your wall from getting damaged.