Wall Art (9)

The effective use of wall art is important for finishing room’s décor. However, it is a bit difficult about what to place where. Everyone is not creative enough to decorate the wall art. The overall look of the room can be enhanced through some tips.

  1. The correct height actually helps you to create art on wall hung at the eye level. It is a major mistake to do wall painting and art till the end of each wall. Therefore, keep an eye on the height of wall. The certain height should be used for painting on the wall.
  2. The mirror can be used in the kitchen. You can decorate the mirror through different colors and glass painting. The wall art is enough to give eye-grabbing look to the kitchen. It is highly suggested to use mirror or glass in the kitchen.
  3. Make a wall painting into different steps. It is not possible to create any kind of art all at once. Painting on wall is not similar to draw things on the board. Therefore, you need to divide this work into few days.
  4. Don’t clutter the wall with lots of colors everywhere. Use few colors in the wall art and also focus on using both light as well as dark shades. The use of all darker shades won’t look good to the eyes. Secondly, the area of kitchen also looks smaller as well.
  5. Make a sketch of whatever you want to draw on the paper. The already drawn sketch would make it easier for you to create art on the wall.

These points are quite important to be considered to make a perfect art on wall. Once you focus on these points, it’ll be easier for you make excellent drawings on kitchen’s wall.