Garden Design Ideas (2)

Garden design ideas are desirable for various reasons. To begin with the space outdoor is suitable for turning it into a lovely garden, even if it is small. On the other hand, even if the outdoor space is huge, one may not wish to have a large garden. In urban settings, at the most the garden installation may be possible only in a small patio or a balcony.

There are reasons to have a small garden space, but it is tricky to have garden design ideas for small places. You have to ensure careful planning and forethought to make the garden really work.

Few garden design ideas can be used by anyone to make the most of any space. Firstly, considering the purpose is essential before designing a garden, if you wish to have it as a hybrid, functional or decorative.

A hybrid garden is where the focus is in producing high yield useful plants, besides offering visual interest in the garden space. a functional garden helps in maximizing every inch of the garden with plants that can be used or eaten such that it is useful in a productive manner. A decorative garden focuses on having large visual impact and no importance is given for being functional or edible.

The common type of garden that is chosen by people is a hybrid approach. Garden design ideas for a small garden must be done with vigorous crops. The beds must be raised and it should have perfect containers. A condo balcony may have raised bed planters in the balcony corners, so that there is space as well.

Building a garden must be constructed horizontally for small gardens so that a fence or a wall is transformed into a living wall by merely hanging vine plants such as grapes or mere planters.