French Decor

When you talk about French decor with someone, the first thing that will come into his mind is pleasure and luxurious images. A French decor is well known for its variety of colours. The furniture in the French way of decoration has an antique touch with bedroom as the main focus of attraction. The furniture items are mostly large and attractive to eyes and the mattress of the bed is usually thick and full of comfort.

If we look into the history of French culture then traditionally they use bedding of different attractive colours however recently nontraditional colours such as chocolate are also seen nowadays. a combination of many pillows and neck rolls is also a well-known feature of French style décor.

Different combinations of lights or lighting can also serve as an icing on the cake. You can put into application chandeliers of crystal nature and you can also use lamps made of glass to add elegance in your room. If you have a room containing a fire place then the demand of French style décor is that the fire place should be made of stone. The idea of lighting is to create an environment of calmness, charm and romance in your room so make sure that the lighting you adopt is not too bright, rather it must be dimmed. Moreover select the right kind of lighting as well by right kind we mean the color.

However when going for French decor you must be careful while making choices especially if you have not bought this before. You can also seek advice of someone who is already well versed in this kind of decoration or has a practical experience of this art. Grandeur is the key of French style décor, no matter what kind of colours or combinations you use ensure that the grandeur and luxury is never compromised.