DIY Recycled Crafts

It is always hard to throw a vase of cut flowers outside. However, if you also dislike throwing such fresh flowers, consider DIY recycled crafts. There are many crafty ways of using these flowers and complimenting your house.

Card Stock: You must have observed the greeting cards are high-priced if they are made using handmade paper with flower petals meshed in it. You need not make your paper, but can ensure a unique look. Take some paper or card, stain it using tea bags or rub with coffee grounds and crumple it a little. Carefully rub on tacky glue and press the petals on them. Sew the edges using gold thread, it will look expensive.

Sachets: You buy sachets, those little baggies to store your lingerie sweetly scented in the drawer. Now get one breathable bag of lace, linen or some tight mesh. Fill it with these flower petals and using a pretty ribbon tie it. It always makes a wonderful gift.

Hats: If you love hats, you can now stick the dried petals to the brim. This is one of the DIY recycled crafts. You can dry the flowers using glycerin. Simply submerge them such that it has 2: 1 warm water: antifreeze glycerin for 2-3 weeks prior to hanging them to dry. Simply affix them once they dry to your hat. If they do not get wet, they make a beautiful addition to you hat, but will not last forever.

Wall art: Every home is incomplete without a wall art. Now you can employ the DIY recycled crafts ideas and make your own wall art using small wildflowers. You may stick these flowers to a card stock and put them in some old frame. It will give an antique look, but will look beautiful and save your money.