DIY Crafts 16

Are you looking for activities to keep your children engaged at home? You can, engage them in DIY crafts. Spring is the ideal time to stay active outside and to show creativity. Few such crafts include:

Wind chime

You can use different sized tin cans and help your child in decorating them using glitter and paint in lots. This is one of the DIY crafts that are really very simple. Make a hole using a nail at each tin center. Thread the string from the holes. Now tie them together such that tie a knot at the string each end piece. In this way encourage the creativity of your child and add music to your patio or courtyard.

Recycle crayons

Crayons are the all time favorites of your kids. So you may ask them to collect all unused and old crayons. You can break all the old, unused crayons into smaller pieces. Get a muffin tin and using a non-stick spray you may spray the muffin tin, put the crayon smaller pieces into the muffin holes tray. Now, bake it for seven minutes into a pre-heated oven of 180 degrees. Remove the tray from the oven and allow it to cool. It will be ready to use, once they are cooled. You can also mix crayon colors and make funky and interesting colors.

Christmas crafting

Christmas is one such festival that offers plenty of opportunities for DIY crafts. A handmade present is the best gift. You can do Christmas cards, scrapbooking, decorations and Christmas party invitations in the Christmas month. Nowadays, the printable options are very helpful. You can print different things and make some awesome crafts. Printable stamps are useful to decorate anything. So use these printable digital stamps for scrapbook pages, cards, invitation or decorations. Smack a stamp on anything and everything.